VERSA-STUD® laminated veneer lumber wall framing is engineered for high-
versa studfquality builders who want these features:

  • Stronger walls to resist wind loads
  • Stiffer walls for a solid feel
  • Straight walls for a high-quality finish

Long, continuous VERSA-STUD® wall framing to provide superior strength, stiffness, and appearance in any tall wall application. VERSA-STUD® wall framing provides more resistance to wind pressure than walls framed with dimension lumber and eliminates the hinge created by platform framing. 1½’ x 5½’ VERSA-STUD® wall framing has 182% more bending strength and 112% more stiffness than No. 2 SPF 2×6 studs. VERSA-STUD® products are manufactured from VERSA-LAM® and are available nationally.

We stock Kleer™ PVC trim, Fypon® millwork, Simpson Strong-Tie® hangers, and CDM mouldings.
Our Subfloor and Sheathing line includes Huber AdvanTech®, Weyerhaeuser iLevel® Edge Gold, and standard grade OSB.

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