BCI® Joists

BCI® Joists are specially constructed I-joists with flanges madebci joist from VERSA-LAM® laminated veneer lumber and a revolutionary flange profile which provides outstanding strength and durability. Our current series feature wider flanges which make them even easier to work with on the jobsite because of their wide nailing surface. These joists are consistent from piece to piece, are lighter in weight and stronger than conventional lumber, easier to handle, and faster to install. BCI® Joists help keep floors flat and homes square, make finish work go faster with fewer problems, and are readily available.

Features and Benefits


Instills confidence in the product, the builder and YOU!

Light Weight

Easier to handle; quick construction; lower labor costs

Available in Long Lengths

Simpler floor/roof layouts; increases floor performance and
seismic resistance

Eased Edges

Fewer splinters, preventing painful, time-wasting injuries

1½” Prestamped Knockouts

Wiring can be routed through the web; quicker construction,
reducing labor costs; allowing airflow above insulation

Holes Allowed in Web

Wiring, HVAC, plumbing and other large holes can be routed through the web; no unsightly soffits

Clean Appearance

Pleases the structure’s owner which makes the builder look good

Field-Trimmable with Carpentry Tools

Quick, easy job site modification without specialized skills or tools


Flatter and quieter floors

Environmentally Friendly

Uses half the wood fiber of dimensional lumber (build “green” into the product

We stock Kleer™ PVC trim, Fypon® millwork, Simpson Strong-Tie® hangers, and CDM mouldings.
Our Subfloor and Sheathing line includes Huber AdvanTech®, Weyerhaeuser iLevel® Edge Gold, and standard grade OSB.

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